Google+ Follow Up

Well I have had access to Google+ for about 24 hours now (thanks to some members over at So far I really like the service, it is a much better experience then Buzz and Wave provided. I think that it may have the potential to take on Facebook. My biggest worry however is that Google will not be able to attract “normal users”. Google has no problem working up those interested and working in Tech with any of their new products. However, they have a much harder time attracting people outside of the Tech circle. If they can not capture this crowd then I do not see the product going anywhere fast.

I have total faith that Google will address this problem and one of the biggest signals may be in the discovered code linking Google+ to a Google+ Games platform. This was reported today by Engadget and can be read here. With the addition of a games platform I can really see this product taking off especially if they can work out some way to effectively integrate social into them.

Other then that fear I think many aspects of the “project” were very well thought out. I am a huge fan of the Circles and how it really takes the best of both Twitter and Facebook and combines them together. It allows you to follow people while at the same time keeping your closer circle of friends and family separate. Circles is also one of the best ways to handle privacy settings as well, which I feel Google got 100% right in Plus. Being able to post something to just certain groups of people is really nice. You do not have to worry about who may be reading what you post because now you know.

I have some really high hopes for this new Google product and I really hope to be fully using it, instead of Facebook, soon! Feel free to share your thoughts.


I am really excited about the new Google+ social network. Google has been lacking in the social space for a long time and many of their attempts seemed promising. I really think this is their chance to take on Facebook, and from what is demonstrated in the following video, they will most likely one up them. The huge benefit Google will be able to provide it’s users comes in the form of integrated search along with integration with their very popular Android platform. Google will be able to use many of the features in their new social product to better offer search results to their users. They may even get to the point of being able to have an intelligent guess in what you are searching for.

I haven’t been interest in Facebook for some time now, to me they have sort of stopped being the innovator and social driver they once were. Don’t get me wrong Facebook is still a great way to connect with friends and family but a lot of their new features are more creepy then useful. Call me a Google fan boy but I have total faith that Google has finally achieved a viable player in social networking. Now only if I could get an invite…

Anyways check out this video describing Google+ a little more: