Introducing Jack Brice on Wine

Jack Brice has been a wine buff since he was 21 years old when his great uncle Mick (from Adelaide Australia) sat him down and explained the history of South Australian wines. In the years since Jack has visited countless wineries in Australia, France, Portugal and USA. Jack has been an invited guest panelist and regular speaker at wine events – and as co-director of a wine tasting group, that group’s member list has grown to over 1,200 enthusiasts.

Jack is the second half of the Off-the-Grid dinner series that I built a web site for in 2013. After completing that site we decided to take a look on improving Jack’s personal blog. With this site I wanted to focus on a design that would work well with the theme of his blog, wine, and focus on being compatible with all screen sizes. His site is based off of the WordPress platform with a custom theme and some custom made plugins. I tried to keep the design clean by sticking with 4 to 5 colors for the sites elements. Beyond the normal WordPress layout I added a parallax scrolling effect to the header that scales down into the mobile views. I also took the menu and made it slide out from the left side of the page when the user visits the site on a phone or tablet.

Jack Brice on Wine Header

Jack Brice on Wine full header before page scroll.

Jack Brice on Wine Small Header

Jack Brice on Wine compressed header when scrolling down the page.

Jack Brice on Wine mobile view

Jack Brice on Wine mobile view.

Jack Brice on Wine mobile view with menu

Jack Brice on Wine mobile view with slide out menu

Jack Brice on Wine mobile view small header

Jack Brice on Wine mobile view with small header after page scroll.




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