New Site Design

This has been quite overdue but I have finally found some time to change up my site design. I’m quite excited about this new design because it is clean and should allow for more updates in the future. As I’ve gained more experience I have discovered that if I’m putting a lot of effort into something I’m doing it incorrectly (coding 101 am I right?).  

I plan on updating this new site much more frequently. Whether it is learnings I have in my day-to-day as a Senior Software Engineer at DICK’s Sporting Goods, the updates I do with my remaining freelance clients, or on my personal projects themselves. I’m thinking with the new year I might expand the use of this site to discuss some of my projects outside of web design.

The last few years I have really gotten into home automation. I am constantly asked on some of my setup and I realized the other day this might be the best outlet for that. I look forward to using this site more in the future and discussing my experiences with all of you.