Out of GoDaddy

For awhile now I have been tired of the way GoDaddy treats their customers and after Bob Parson’s recent antics in Africa I decided it was time to move. As of today my sites our offically out of GoDaddy and sitting nicely on the servers at Namecheap. Going forward my suggestion to anyone and especially my clients is to stay away from GoDaddy. There are cheaper and better services elsewhere.

One thing I truly believe in is a company that is ethical. I try to be ethical in operating my business and I only take on clients that can show these values as well. GoDaddy has proved to be quite unethical and they don’t really seem to be taking the feedback from Bob Parson’s antics seriously. There has been little word out of the company except for Mr. Parson running his mouth claiming that he was doing some very charitable thing. Well GoDaddy and Mr. Parson I, and a bunch of others, have decided you are wrong and moved our business elsewhere. If you truly feel you deserve my mine you need to earn it.

Rant over…