Events by Raechul Mae

This site was incredibly fun to build. I was challenged with implementing true parallax scrolling, along with the ability to update this through a content management system (CMS) of some kind. So with those recommendations I first decided I would use WordPress to power the CMS, since it has an open version and my customer

Industry Weapon

With Industry Weapon I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge to digital signage. I was awarded with the chance to use my skills to create interactive displays that specialized in interacting with consumers from a distance. It was a unique experience to rethink a lot of the standards learned in standard web development and

Food & Nutrition

Jawbone is a world-leader in consumer technology and wearable devices, building hardware products and software platforms powered by data science. This was a growth initiative within Jawbone to allow users to use a web interface to log and track foods eaten. I lead development on the project and helped increase the scope of this project.

Jack Brice on Wine

Jack Brice has been a wine buff since he was 21 years old when his great uncle Mick (from Adelaide Australia) sat him down and explained the history of South Australian wines. In the years since Jack has visited countless wineries in Australia, France, Portugal and USA. Jack has been an invited guest panelist and


BodyMedia, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is the pioneer in developing wearable body monitoring systems designed to help people lose weight, improve performance, and live a healthier lifestyle. My work with BodyMedia involves developing and implementing site designs through the use of their internal system, NetSuite. I have worked with co-workers in developing templates,


I played a big part in the redesign of BodyMedia’s ProConnect web application. This application allows for personal trainers and medical professionals get a snapshot of a client’s daily activity and dietary habits. The site allows for clients to receive help feedback on how they are doing from their coach. I worked with co-workers in

Off the Grid

Off-the-Grid is a dinner series by Jack and Kate that they host at restaurants around the Pittsburgh area. They work with the great chefs in the Pittsburgh region to plan private dinners with fixed menus and Jack matches the dinner choices to various wines. Since starting in November 2009 they have hosted more than 25

Wilson & Associates

For the Wilson & Associates IPM site the biggest challenge was creating a web site that would conform to corporate standards. Erie Insurance, much like many large corporations, requires specific guidelines for sites using their logo. With Wilson & Associates IPM being an Erie insurance agency we needed to use several of Erie’s logos on

Raechul Ouellette

The website I developed for Raechul Ouellette is used for personal promotion and blogging of her passion for public relations and communication. The site runs WordPress on the backend and utilizes a variety of WordPress plugins to provide the different functional parts of the website. WordPress also allows Raechul the ability to update all the

Pittsburgh Water Limo

Pittsburgh Water Limo provides scenic views of downtown Pittsburgh from their pontoon boat, Miss Pittsburgh, and their luxury yacht, Fantasy. They provide shuttle services to local sporting events and unique opportunities for private parties. My work on the site mainly consists of setting up PayPal capability, using the PayPal API and passing variable to their