Industry Weapon

With Industry Weapon I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge to digital signage. I was awarded with the chance to use my skills to create interactive displays that specialized in interacting with consumers from a distance. It was a unique experience to rethink a lot of the standards learned in standard web development and

Food & Nutrition

Jawbone is a world-leader in consumer technology and wearable devices, building hardware products and software platforms powered by data science. This was a growth initiative within Jawbone to allow users to use a web interface to log and track foods eaten. I lead development on the project and helped increase the scope of this project.


I played a big part in the redesign of BodyMedia’s ProConnect web application. This application allows for personal trainers and medical professionals get a snapshot of a client’s daily activity and dietary habits. The site allows for clients to receive help feedback on how they are doing from their coach. I worked with co-workers in

Wine Making Talk

The wine map application was developed so that the members of can add their locations, national wine events, regional wine making events, homebrew stores, and wineries. This application is based on a single web page, allowing members to have access to information with ease. All of the markers are stored on a database on