Industry Weapon

Industry Weapon

With Industry Weapon I had the opportunity to apply my knowledge to digital signage. I was awarded with the chance to use my skills to create interactive displays that specialized in interacting with consumers from a distance. It was a unique experience to rethink a lot of the standards learned in standard web development and apply them to an experience that should be consumed from a far.

My knowledge of building for the mobile web became especially handy with digital signage when tasked with building interactive display. Though these displays could be massive 4k touchscreens, many of the teaching of the mobile first design language applied. The only controls my consumer would be able to use would be a touch interface. I had to make sure that all elements displayed where self explanatory and would show themselves able to be interacted with.

With Industry Weapon, I had the honor to work on a project for Paul Hastings which would become the staple piece of their new HQ lobby. I built a reusable and scalable template system for customers to easily create widgets that could be used throughout their custom signage. Additionally, I was part of a team that built a queueing system capable of interacting between multiple displays using Socket technology.

Most of my experience working with Industry Weapon provided me with an in-depth knowledge of user experience and interaction. From being able to explain something on a screen from a distance or having someone easily walk up to a display and interact with it intuitively.

Example of Paul Hasting’s digital signage in their New York HQ Lobby