Rod's Welding

Rod’s Welding

Rod’s Welding and Fabrication is a small fabrication shop in Coudersport, PA. They have the capability to build specialized machinery and equipment for industries; in addition, they can fabricate and install wrought iron, aluminum or stainless handrails. In the past few years, Rod’s Welding has also been involved with the fabrication of several unique decorative iron railings and gates for businesses in the Coudersport, PA and North Central Pennsylvania area.

As part of the development of this site I made it my mission to bring out the uniqueness of this shop’s projects onto the internet. The development of this site included the use of cascading style sheets, PHP, HTML, mySQL, and Javascript. PHP is used for includes on the site, making updates quicker and easier, also for the the recording of comments and user statistics into a mySQL database. I used Javascript into the development of the project/services areas to display the pictures in in a clean way. This site uses many new aspects of web 2.0 development and many improvements are planned in the coming months.

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