Wine Making Talk User Map App

Wine Making Talk

The wine map application was developed so that the members of can add their locations, national wine events, regional wine making events, homebrew stores, and wineries. This application is based on a single web page, allowing members to have access to information with ease. All of the markers are stored on a database on my local server. When a user enters data, it is sent to Google to be translated into latitude and longitude coordinates. Then after all the data has been cleaned and formatted correctly, it is entered into the database. When a user goes to the site, a XML file is used to display all of the markers on a map supplied by the Google API.

This application has provided me with great experience in developing and debugging a product for daily mainstream use. I have gained further experience in using the Google API, editing and maintaining user entered data, writing java, and using AJAX. The real challenge I faced was making everything essential to the map available from one webpage.