Site redesign for Raechul Ouellette’s site!

I am pleased to announce the redesign of my wife’s site, Raechul I have developed this site to be used for personal promotion and blogging of her passion for public relations and communication. The site runs WordPress on the back end and utilizes a variety of WordPress plugins to provide the different functional parts of the website. WordPress also allows Raechul the ability to update all the content on her site with little to no knowledge of scripting languages. A custom theme was developed using CSS and images created via Photoshop. The new site layout is a vast improvement from the previous design and utilizes a very clean and easy to navigate layout while also using a much larger color palette.

I also focused on improving the SEO and search engine visibility with this site design by utilizing many of the advanced features WordPress offers. Also, by switching to strictly WordPress, to run the whole site, increases in the number spidered pages have been witnessed.

I have included some pictures of the new site below and when you get a chance you should check it out at

Raechul Ouellette Homepage
Raechul Ouellette Resume